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Bob Ritz with artist Jared Boyd with his new original painting titled, "Thank you, I'll say goodbye to you" July 2018.

Hello, my name is Jared Boyd. I am an abstract artist from Tulsa, OK. I remember when I was in college reading an article in the Tulsa People magazine titled "How to become an art collector." I've been interested in collecting art ever since reading that article.

Fast-forward to 2015, I am perusing a local art festival. I try to never miss art festivals. I love seeing the people, eating, and most importantly seeing art. I walked past a tent of local artist Devin Howell and did a double take. Her art was breathtakingly beautiful. At the time she specialized palette knife landscapes. We talked some about her art and I went home. I dreamed all night about being able to create such beautiful art myself. The thought never occurred to me that I could become an artist. After all, I did hold a degree in mechanical engineering and was a self proclaimed left brain extremist. I mustered enough courage to go back the next day and asked if she would mentor me. So began an 8 week exploration of all things art and what later became a passion.

When I first began painting I wanted to do it all. I experimented in acrylic and oil landscapes, still life, figures, and more. I met amazing and talented artists that gave me new insight and passion for life. I was looking for a local workshop to take so I could continue learning. Someone had recommended local abstract artist Cynthia Brown. I had never thought about abstract painting as it seemed peculiar. Nevertheless, I decided to sign up for Cynthia's workshop.

The workshop was April 2016. I spent a majority of the time learning to fearlessly and intuitively converse with the canvas. I went from brush to palette knife to hand and back. I whirled the canvas 360 degrees. I worked all morning dancing with the canvas. I left for lunch disappointed at the site of my canvas I had just massacred with paint and palette knife for hours. I remember coming back from lunch about an hour later and looking at the canvas again with a new set of eyes. I could actually see a near complete work of art that gave me feeling. I worked a little longer and couldn't believe my eyes. I had undoubtedly completed my first abstract painting. The feeling was overwhelming. I named it "Unreal, you appeared to me" as it seemed fitting.

Unreal, you appeared to me 30x40 private collection

I decided to enter "Unreal" and a few other paintings into a local juried art show. It was accepted and displayed at the More Color Juried Art Exhibition in Tulsa, OK. I was amazed when I discovered that the painting sold for more than I paid for my abstract art workshop.

With a new confidence and real interest in becoming an abstract artist I began working on larger canvases. I really enjoy working large. It provides the freedom to experiment, and make mistakes, and occasionally discover something new about the process or within. I enjoy the process of making abstract art. It has become an outlet to clear my head on a foggy day or express on canvas what words cannot.

I am very grateful to have found art and to those that inspire someone like me to come to love art. Also, I am grateful for all of the collectors that have invested in me and provided me confidence. Finally, I am grateful for friends and family that encourage and guide me. My sincerest thank you. Stay tuned.


©2018 by Jared Boyd Abstract Artist.

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